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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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Should you have an emergency on Lake Norman or Mountain Island Lake you can contact your local communications center by dialing 911 on your cellphone or by calling for assistance on the emergency Marine channel 16 on your marine band radio which is monitored by all Law Enforcement and emergency service personnel who are on the lake at that time.

Tips for Emergencies on the Lake

Know where you are at all times.
Try to have a marker number or reference point on the lake to direct the proper emergency services to your exact location.

Stay calm and do not move your vessel.
Once contact is made, assistance will be on the way to your location.  If it is possible to safely get to shore or to a boating access, let communicators know where you will be so that emergency services can be directed to your exact location.  This will allow for a faster response by emergency services.

Use signaling devices
If available, use a sounding device or visible signaling device to alert emgergency services to your exact location as they arrive.  Try to stay in contact with the communicators or rescuers if possible.

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