Major Caskey

Major Wade Lee Caskey attended BLET in 1990 and upon graduation was recognized with the Award for the Most Outstanding Student. He was sworn in with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on December 13, 1990. Major Caskey worked his way up by holding every rank available in the Sheriff’s Office. His hard work and dedication continued to earn him respect from both his superiors and his co-workers. 

Captain Tim Johnson started his career with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in 1990 as a Patrol Deputy.During that time he worked in all patrol areas of the county.Since then Johnson has held the rank and served in the capacity of Detective, Patrol Supervisor, Detective/Narcotic Division Commander, and Transport Officer.In December of 2010 Johnson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and served as the Commander for the Major Crimes / Investigations division. Captain Johnson currently serves as the Captain of Criminal Investigations, Narcotics and Detention Center. Captain Johnson also serves as the department coordinator for crime stoppers and is the President for the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police. In 2014, Capt. Johnson received the Sgt. John Howell Officer of the Year Award.

 Captain Billy Brooks started his career with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in 1996 as a Patrol Deputy. Over the past 18 years Brooks has moved through the ranks of the Sheriff's Office and has served in many capacities. Brooks has served as a Field Training Officer member of the SWAT Team, and supervisor in all three patrol districts of the county. Captain Brooks has been awarded an Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate and Intermediate Service Award from the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Training and Standards Commission. Captain Brooks currently serves as the Captain of the Patrol /Uniformed Division. In this capacity he oversees all patrol aspects in every district as well as Civil and Court House deputies.

Lieutenant Cody began his law enforcement career with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in February of 2002. He has worked as a patrol officer in both Charlie and Baker Districts. In his years at the Sheriff’s Office he rose to the rank of FTO (Field Training Officer) and Patrol Sergeant. Lieutenant Cody was awarded the Sgt. John Howell Officer of the year award in 2011 for his work in implementing the MCT (Mobile CAD Terminal) program in our patrol vehicles. In February of 2012 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lt. Cody has received many hours of various types of law enforcement training during his career thus earning him his Advanced Law Enforcement Certification. Lt. Cody is also a certified background investigator and assists the department with new hires. Lt. Cody also assists the department with training after obtaining his General Instructor's Certification. He is a lifetime member of the North Carolina Law Enforcement Training Officer's Association. He also serves as the Vice President of the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # 85. Lieutenant Cody currently currently serves as a Patrol Lieutenant for the Charlie District for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office coordinating Denver area special events, as well as supervising 4 Sergeants, 16 patrol officers, a school resource officer, and lake patrol operations.

Lieutenant Jon Propst

Lieutenant Propst began his law enforcement career in 2003 with the NC Department of Corrections at Lincoln Correctional.In February 2004 he began working at the Sheriff's Office as a patrol deputy and stayed in that position until May 2006 when he joined the Dallas Police Department. While at Dallas he was promoted to Sergeant and given the additional responsibilities of Gang Investigator. In January 2011 Propst rejoined the Sheriff's Office as a Senior Patrol Officer and Field Training Officer. He was quickly promoted to Detective with the Criminal Investigations Division. In 2014 Propst was promoted to Patrol Lieutenant and was over Adam District.Lt. Propst holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Gaston College and was awarded the Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the NC Sheriff's Training and Standard Commission. In 2015 Propst moved to become the Detective Lieutenant over the Narcotics Division. In this capacity Lt. Propst supervises Narcotics Investigators and is responsible for all narcotics investigations.

Lieutenant Allen Manns

Lieutenant Allen Manns started his career with the Sheriff’s Office in 2003 as a patrol deputy. Manns originally worked in Charlie District which is in the eastern part of the county. After 3 years Mann’s was promoted to rank of Sergeant in which he supervised a patrol shift in the western part of the county. Manns held this position until 2010 when he was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant. In this capacity Mann’s assisted in supervising all functions for Adam District Patrol. Later the First Sergeant’s role Watch Commander overseeing all deputies on duty across the county for a specific shift. In 2015 Manns was promoted to his current capacity which is Lieutenant over Adam District. In this capacity Lt. Manns oversees and coordinates all patrol actions for the Western part of Lincoln County. 

Lieutenant Justin Frye started his career in law enforcement in 2006 as a deputy with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. Since then Frye has worked in many areas within the Patrol Division. In 2009 Frye became a Filed training Officer and in 2010 was promoted to the rank of sergeant. In that capacity he served in Baker and Charlie Districts. In 2012 Frye was promoted to the Rank of First Sergeant where he oversaw all patrol operations across the county for a particular shift. Lieutenant Frye currently serves as the Lieutenant over Baker District patrol supervising all patrol aspects of the district. This includes supervising 4 sergeants, 16 deputies, and a school resource officer. . In addition Lt. Frye also serves as the commander of the SWAT Team and stays active in the Field Training Officer Program. Lt. Frye holds his General Instructor Certification and serves as in instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Frye also holds both an Intermediate and Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate. Lt Frye received a Medal of Valor for performance of his duties here at the Sheriff’s Office.

Lieutenant Alan Houser has worked for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office-Detention Center for ten years.During that time Lt. Houser has served as a detention officer, Detention Shift Sergeant, and his most current position as Jail Administrator.Lt. Houser oversees a staff of 50 detention officers and is responsible for all aspects and supervision of 168 inmates. Lt. Houser is a member of the North Carolina jail Administrators Association. In addition, Lt. Houser also serves as an advisor for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 700. Lt. Houser received the Advisor of the Year award from the Piedmont Council and is a recipient of the William Sturgeon Award.