Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office News Release

Sheriff’s Office Dive Team Issues Warnings about Thin Ice During Frigid Weather


January 3, 2018


Lincolnton, NC – The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team has issued warnings about thin ice on area ponds, creeks and ditches that tend to freeze over during the current prolonged time of below freezing temperatures.


The ponds, creeks and ditches are likely to freeze over with a super thin sheet of ice. The problem with this is that the ice is extremely unstable. Water seldom freezes uniformly thus posing a danger to anyone attempting to stand or walk on the ice. It may look inviting but we warn against using a frozen surface as a place to play. Doing so endangers the lives of emergency services personnel as well as the persons potentially in need of rescue.


The dive team has issued the following recommendations:


  • If you fall through a frozen body of water, remember to stay calm. Reach for solid ice, kick to exit the hole and then roll to safety toward the shore.
  • Avoid playing, skating or driving over any frozen body of water. This includes lakes, ponds, creeks, and ditches. Remember that only the surface area is frozen and the ice is extremely thin. It will not be thick enough to hold the weight of an adult, child or a large animal.
  • Call 9-1-1. Never attempt to go onto the ice to rescue another person in distress. Try to reach the victim using a long pole or a throw rope bag and stay on shore. Be prepared to treat the person for hypothermia or shock and seek medical attention right away.

If you have an open body of water on your property, keep an eye out for children. Post warnings around the area and provide an access barrier whenevr possible.


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