Lincoln County Residents Target of a Phone Scam

December 29, 2017

Lincolnton, NC - The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports from citizens in the area being targeted by scammers claiming to represent the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and a number of the calls have been made today.

Victims are receiving phone calls from what shows up on Caller ID as the Sheriff’s Office. It also may show up as a local landline number. Residents are then informed there are arrest warrants in their name for Failure to Appear. Scammers are using correct terminology and the names of real judges when speaking to victims. Victims are then told these warrants can be cancelled if they pay a fee using a Money Pak Card.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to advise all citizens this is scam. The sheriff’s office does not accept money in order to cancel a warrant or order for arrest. Citizens should not provide any personal identifying information over the phone, purchase any money cards, or exchange in money in reference to such calls.

This is a scam!