There are four high schools in Lincoln County and each high school has its own Resource Officer provided by the Sheriff's Office with the exception of Lincolnton High School. School assignments are as follows:

West Lincoln –Deputy Steven Baxter,
East Lincoln - Deputy James Crouse
North Lincoln - Deputy Steven Edwards
Lincolnton High School is served by the Lincolnton Police Department.
The officers are in place to handle any problems that come up on the school grounds or school related activities.  The School Resource Officer has three main roles: to be a law enforcement officer, to be a law-related counselor, and to be a law-related teacher.  School resource officers also prevent a substantial amount of school violence; they create and nurture positive relationships with students, and also work closely with the Sheriff's Office and the N.C. Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to investigate crimes that would ordinarily go unreported.