Call Reassurance: A Free Service for Seniors & Disabled Persons


The Lincoln County Communications Center is pleased to introduce a new public service that is now available. This new service is called CARE: Call Reassurance R U OK? and is designed for older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone or anyone in Lincoln County who needs to be checked on daily.

CARE: Call Reassurance R U OK is a com-puterized telephone calling system. Funding for the system was provided by the Lincoln County Communications Center. The system calls each enrolled subscriber at the same time each day of the week with many options for the subscriber to choose from.


Answering the Call

When the subscriber answers the phone at the specified time, he or she will hear a prerecorded message such as “Hello, this is the Lincoln County Communications. If you are OK please press ‘1’. If you are not OK, press ’3’.”
If the subscriber fails to answer the phone after three at-tempts, the line is continually busy or an answering machine answers the computer will automatically notify the Commu-nications Center via e-mail, print-out and pre-recorded phone message. The Communications Center will then dispatch assistance via Emergency Services to the subscribers address to check on that person.


There is no charge of any kind for the CARE: Call Reassurance R U OK? Program. This is a public service to the citizens of Lincoln County.

It is also very important to understand that CARE: Call Reassurance R U OK? Is not in-tended to take the place of Lifeline, Lifephone, or any other service which a person may now be using. In fact, we urge the citizens of Lin-coln County to think about the possible use of Lifeline or a similar service in addition to our service.

Everyone who wishes to subscribe to CARE: Call Reassurance R U OK? Will be asked to fill out a short information form with medical and other information which the Communica-tions Center needs in case of an actual emer-gency. This information will be completely confidential and will be secured at the Com-munications Center if the need for it should arise.


For more information and how to register for this program please contact Coral Saunders 704 735-8202