There are two ways to get a copy of an incident report.  You can come by the Sheriff's Office located at 700 John Howell Memorial Drive and request a copy, or you can call 704-732-9050 and request that a copy of the incident report be mailed to you.

This is not something that the Sheriff's Office will do.  To get a criminal history report on yourself you need to contact the Clerk of Courts Office located in the Courthouse.  If you need to call the Clerk's Office the number is 704-736-8563.

If you have an immediate need for assistance then please call 911 (for an emergency) or 704-735-8202 for a non emergency.  There are places for you to get help, such as Amy's House.  Please call 704-736-1224 to speak with someone about your situation.  If you believe that a child is being abused, please contact the Department of Social Services at 704-732-0738 during normal business hours.  If it is an emergency situation then please contact the Communications Center at 704-735-8202 and they can page the social worker on-call.

To get a DNA test through the Sheriff's Office, you must contact us at 704-732-9050.  There will be an appointment made for you to come in and take the test.

To take out a warrant on an individual, the complainant needs to go to the Magistrates Office.  Their office is located in the basement of the Lincoln County Courthouse.  If it is after hours then you must go to the north entrance of the Courthouse and use the after hours entrance.  There are instructions posted to tell you how to do this.