The administration division of the Sheriff’s Office encompasses a wide variety of tasks that are essential to keeping the Sheriff’s Office operational.

These include:

The Sheriff’s Office Reception handles assist the public when they come into or contact one of our offices.   Daily task include answering phones, scheduling appointments for fingerprinting and concealed carry permits.

Handgun Permits & Concealed Carry Permits
In the state of North Carolina the Sheriff is responsible for issuing and managing handgun purchase permits and concealed carry permits.

Information Technology
The Information Technology Department is responsible for managing and maintaining all computers and the network at the sheriff’s office, detention center, and remote offices.  Some components of the system include computer workstations, Mobile Data Terminals, and Records Management System (RMS).

The sheriff’s office offers fingerprinting services to the citizen of Lincoln County for those who are need of them when applying for jobs or are required for other reasons.

The records division of the sheriff’s office is responsible for maintain and managing all records of the sheriff’s office.  This includes all reports and associated files, 50-B orders, and other civil documents.

Training and Staff Development
The training and staff development division of the sheriff’s office is responsible for ensuring that all deputies, detention officers, and staff are up to date on all training topics.  Every employee is required to attend various forms of training throughout the year.  The Training and Staff Development Division schedules and conducts these training classes.

The sheriff’s office has a full time evidence technician that is responsible for the inventory of all evidence and property that is seized by the sheriff’s office.