The Harven A. Crouse Detention Center is located at 700 John Howell Memorial Drive in Lincolnton, NC.  The center houses and processes all inmates who have been in arrested in Lincoln County and are currently awaiting trial.

The Detention Center is led by:

Detention Supervisor - Lt. Charlie Greene

Jail Administrator: Lieutenant Alan Houser

Asst. Jail Administrator: First Sergeant Veda Reid



The Detention has the bed capacity to house 168 inmates.  The center is divided up into 5 separate cell blocks.

A Dorm – Is an open style dormitory that can house up to 40 low security male inmates.
B Block – 32 Males Inmates
C Block – 32 Male Inmates
D Block – 32 Male Inmates
E Block – 32 Female Inmates

Each block consists of 16 cells with 2 inmates per cell.

Below are some statistics for the Detention Center over the pass several years.

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 Officers in the Detention Center monitoring surveillance systems and inmate activities throughout the Detention Center