The Sheriff is charged with the responsibility with maintaining the security and safety of all court proceedings in Lincoln County. In addition it is also the responsibility of the Sheriff to ensure that certain Criminal and Civil court documents are served on individuals and businesses throughout the county. The Court division is led by Lieutenant Lt. Charlie Greene and Sgt. Melvin McCleve. 


Lincoln County Courthouse Lincolnton North Carolina

Lincoln County Courthouse

Deputies of the sheriff’s office provide security and bailiff duties for the Lincoln County Court System. This includes keeping the court house secure by screening all citizens who enter for weapons and providing protection to all judges, court officials, and citizens while in the court house.


Our civil division handles such duties as serving civil processes and subpoenas which originate from the courts, governmental agencies, and private attorneys. The Civil Division is led by Sgt. Lester White.

 Below are some statistics for the civil division over the past several years.

Year       2016   2017   2018  
Number of Civil Papers Served                            11,300   10,198   10,777  
Number of Foreclosures       457   372   422  
Number of Executions       454   225   280  
Number of Domestic Violence       233   298   381  
Protection Orders                  
Number of Subpoenas       4,878   4,177   4,468  
Number of Involuntary Commitment       322   337   404  
Child Support Warrants       250   346   348  
Writ of Real Property       185   141   187