Land Records (Mapping / 9-1-1 Addressing)

Land records management is the primary function of this division. All plats properly submitted through the Planning and Inspections Department are reviewed and approved by this division prior to being recorded. Documents recorded in the Lincoln County Public Registry (including, but not limited to, deeds, death certificates, and plats) are reviewed and processed to update ownership on the tax records on a weekly basis. Estate documentation filed in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court is also periodically reviewed and processed to update ownership on the tax records. All property splits and combines are mapped and processed by this division. We are also responsible for adding all zoning changes for Lincoln County and the City of Lincolnton to the tax maps. 

This division is also responsible for reviewing building permits for new structures and assigning all new structure addresses in the county, adding new roadways to centerline files, and making all necessary changes to existing road names and structure addresses. Nightly updates are provided to the 9-1-1 Communications Center while regular updates are made to the other departments who require this information. For further information regarding the issuance of a 9-1-1 address, please refer to Addressing.